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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 9, 2015, 2:16 PM

okay I KNOW I have done this before and asked for one or two; but I really wasn't organized then and had no clue what I was doing with my characters. ANYWAY I've made up my mind on what I'm doing with Tango and I'd like to set up some interaction RP's for her. Small things, short y'know meetings? She needs to meet others before I can really fling serious rp's and character building around.

I'll be getting a few of her backstory and present time scenes up soon so I can get her started and give you a starting point but what I need most is....

  - Shedus she met when she started her life of 'freedom'
     i.e. her backstory needs meetings, faces and names! This can be anywhere from the day she got loose to the day the humans left.

  - Hunting Interupted; sort of. Basically she needs to be attempting to hunt and/or fish and run into another Shedu ( or a few at different times ) to teach her or chase her off. Either way, it needs to happen. Otherwise I'm plugging NPC's into her story.

  - Present time adventures; this is where friends come in.
     - Tango has decided to explore the island moving from where she's been living. A possible travel buddy would be great. Any other scenarios are welcome.

CAN be RP's OR just collabs with a short explination of what's going on between the characters. I'd be more than happy to work with 'script' style dialogue and piece it into a story later myself if you'd prefer. 
  Tango: hi! -pounces stranger-
  Stranger: omph! -pounced- what the hell!? Get off me!
  Tango: ^-^ okay
and I'd just rewrite that once it's done into paragraph form :3 any takers?

Ackerley if you're still doing Eden Island I really really really want to RP with you xD

I would use GOOGLE DOCS ( ) or NOTES please <3

021ei Tango by fishebone
021ei Tango by SheduMaster

RP'S FOUND 0/unlimited

Blue Square Bullet - art only Green Square Bullet - rp open Pink Square Bullet - budding relationship/friendship
 Red Square Bullet - hostile Silver Square Bullet - neutral Yellow Square Bullet - art + story Purple Square Bullet - possible plot growth
Bullet; White -rp starter Bullet; Black -rp cancelled/closed/paused
    backstory, past only <3

        - EI Cat ; roleplayer - friendly, unfriendly, neutral

    hunting/fishing; at any time, mostly past

        - EI Cat ; roleplayer - friendly, unfriendly, neutral

    moving/exploring; present time

        - EI Cat ; roleplayer - friendly, unfriendly, neutral

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Journal Skin by frisby.

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Um...I saw that that you have stored about 3 deviation images of my horses that you have stored. Can I please ask that they be unstored? Thank you. (I think they were commissions)
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I bought a design from you/adopted something from you a while ago that I can't remember what it was but it is in storage
I was going through my adopted designs folder and found this so if you could find it for me again it would be much appreciated!! Thankyou ^^
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